Tropicasino Dance Group

Come out and learn to dance to the exciting beat of Latin music with 2 Latino instructors. You do not need to bring a partner, singles are welcome, to learn the latest steps in Salsa dancing.  Our classes program includes a mix of the 'smooth' New York style, the 'funky' LA style and our traditional Cuban style.

The course will be given by members of Tropicasino Dance Group who has been performing Salsa Wheel (Casino Rueda) all over Ottawa for fifteen years! Rueda simply means "wheel".  Casino refers to the kinds of turns and breaks you might normally see in ordinary partner Salsa Dancing. What makes Rueda unique is that the dancing is done in the "wheel", as a group, with the "followers" being passed in the wheel, rapid exchanging of partners, and many complicated moves -- sometimes done as wheels within wheels -- and all done in time with "hot" Salsa music.

We are proud to be the first group to have introduced CASINO RUEDA to Ottawa.  We hope you love it as much as we do, and hope you will join us in spreading it all over Ottawa.  The latest Latin Dance craze, started in Cuba in the fifties & arrived in Miami in the eighties. Couples dance salsa in a circle to "called" steps, with lots of fun patterns & changing of partners. Most steps can be used as a single couple, too! Steps in these classes are different than those in the Street Dance classes.   Be among the first in Ottawa to learn this new, addictive form of salsa! Anyone can learn! Partners are not required. The advantage of this style for men is that steps are planned for them; for women, they don't always need a partner.  This new salsa has been described as feeling "like an amusement park ride!"

Although our school specializes in Cuban style, our Salsa Classes includes combo of New York and LA styles of Salsa.  The school is directed by Cristobal.

We have been teaching and performing in the Ottawa Region for the last twelve years! Some of our former students have become instructors and performers!

Our Goal
To be able to share with you the passion of dancing Salsa!

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